The Winter Solstice has passed, celebrations have occurred, and many of us are appreciative of the light in the darkness.

This time of year is very challenging for some. There may be grief, sadness, and reminders of past losses. There may be loneliness and isolation, with many home alone, or even homeless. Many Pagans were born into Christian families, and while those family members continue their traditions (and assumptions), the Pagan family-member can feel ostracized or even invalidated. Reaching out to others can be challenging, especially when you might already be feeling invisible. Finding, or building, community can be difficult.

Rather than talking about the idea of light returning, why not BE that light? So ‘hello’ to someone. Offer to help in some way. Find a way to put words into action regarding how you interact with others and the land. BE present. Be the present. Join in a gathering, an open event, and start to build new traditions and new connections. First steps often feel the shakiest, but who knows what joys may be found along the way? In the Darkness may you see the flicker of a candle. May that candle-flame be joined by others until the darkness is filled with light, with faces and voices, and with a sense of being connected to what was, what is, and what will be.