Since the pandemic hit in 2020, I’ve noticed a couple cycles of people inquiring if there were face/face events being offered in the broader Pagan community.  I understand the need to connect. Even we introverts need that on occasion. And while there remains a recommendation to limit in-person contact, there’s a much bigger issue at hand.

What is most frustrating regarding the requests for events is that no one’s taking the initiative to step out of their comfort zone and offer the events themselves. They’re waiting for someone else to step up.

Given how much has been written about everyone “being their own Priest or Priestess,” it’s interesting to see so many people choosing to NOT manifest this concept.  While it may feel safe to stay in the current stage of spiritual development, is also sounds like folks are lonely and wanting connection with others, provided SOMEONE ELSE facilitates that process.

It doesn’t matter how many books you read, podcasts you listen to, videos you watch, workshops you attend, money you spend on courses, or whether you have a mentor to guide you through the initial stages of your spiritual exploration.  Eventually you must let go of the metaphorical wall and take your first step if you want something more than 101.  Yes, you’re going to fall and will likely end up with bruises and cuts.  That’s what it means to grow and learn; sometimes it’s painful. 

After those first steps comes more opportunities to experience, to expand, learn new things, and a greater level of spiritual autonomy and actual growth. What also develops is spiritual maturity, and realizing you can deepen your practice, and that spirituality is a living organism.  This can also be a time of deepening one’s understanding of what it is to be part of Community.  A time when some people chose to share what they know, what they can do, or even join their energies with others in Pagan organizations or events. 

Community is not created by wish alone.  Wishes (like spells) must be supported by action, and that occurs only when you’re ready to grow.  It’s scary.  Can be painful.  It can also be deeply meaningful.

Who do you think puts on the events, the rituals, or ensures that Pagan rights are being upheld? Who will be there if you wish to marry?  When you die and need someone to facilitate your service?  Who will be there if you need comfort during a time of grief and loss?   If you need help rebuilding?   Who will be there when you say “I wish we Pagans had something like that?” 

It begins and ends with YOU.  No matter how small your changes are, or how small your efforts may seem, each action supports the growth of your Community and its ability to be there for you.

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