Welcome to Imbolc. Also known as Lady Day, Candlemas, and even Groundhog day.

Initial signs of spring are being noted here in the uppermost New England region The days are longer, the light brighter, and the wildlife is more active. Snow will remain on the ground for another couple of months, and it’s extremely difficult to imagine spring.

Many of us are perusing seed-catalogs/orders, appreciative of warmer days and snow-melt, and some of us are gathering to celebrate with music, stories, and tales of renewal.

One traditional form of renewal, for those of us on a Priest-path, pertains to Oaths. 35 years ago I found Wicca, and was quickly told “you will Serve.” Service to the Gods, and Service to the Community. This Call has presented many challenges, as I’m human and have my own struggles. I have revisited doubts frequently, have gone through episodes of spiritual darkness and fatigue, have struggled through loss, loneliness, emotional pain, and have been overwhelmed by mundane challenges of raising a child, and maintaining a practice as a therapist. I continually reflect on how best I can Serve, and there are many times I question if the Community even cares what spiritual leaders and Clergy are attempting to create and offer.

While the Work may be demanding, and the rewards may be infrequent, the Call has never waned. You will Serve. I have found solace in the God and Goddess, and in times of doubt and loss, it is They who comfort me. It is They who gave me purpose as a teenager questioning their worth, their existence, and life itself. I am here today because of Them, and I will continue to Serve.